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I-Phone Chargers for $5 I-Pad Chargers for $5 Any Phone Charger for $5 Handsets start at $5 Headphones start at $5 Phone cases start at $5 School Back-Packs start at $10 And there are discounts if you buy multiple items!  

Please look at all the new items in our Summer Sale Gallery! I-Phone Chargers are $5each but $18 per dozen Phone Carders are $5each but $18 per dozen Phone Cases are $5 each but $18 per dozen Boxer Briefs are $5 for a pack of 3  but $18 for a dozen

Below is the list of retail prices — but you can get less for wholesale — please call the manager at 215-476-3795 for more information! Tank tops $5 per pack of 3 Button Down Shirts as low as $15 Shirts with Summer Designs as low as $25 Thermals tops as low as $5 Cargo shirts […]

Accessorize yourself! We have women’s belts and men’s belts in numerous colors and styles.  Many as low as $5!   Can you believe that?

We have multi-colored kids socks We have sports socks,  below the ankle or up to the knee Girls sock’s, boy’s socks, men’s socks, women’s socks! You can buy in packs for a real discount!

we have a great selection for boys and men Boys shorts Men’s Jeans Regular  bluejeans Knee-length shorts Cargo pants

Come check out our selection! Button Down Shirts Shirts with Summer Designs Thermals tops Cargo shirts Long sleeve button down shirts Short sleeve button down shirts

We have T-shirts in all sizes from small to 6X-Extra Large.  In many colors. Also we have V-neck T-Shirts Tank Top T-shirts and the regular round neck T-shirts

  Cargo Shorts PJ Mark Vintage just $25 or $18 each if you get a dozen Jordon Craig just $20 or $14 each if you get a dozen D-Lux just $25or $18 each if you get a dozen Delf just $15 or $9 each if you get a dozen Royal Blue just $20 or $14 […]

Do you want to create a tee-shirt for your organization and so you need a 100 tee-shirts? Do you want to give an inexpensive present to a whole class of kids? Call (215) 476-3795 to learn more. We can do bulk sales  for any businesses, churches, schools, fraternities, sororrities, or clubs. Corporate discount are available […]