Kawral Fouta New Items!

I-Phone Chargers for $5 I-Pad Chargers for $5 Any Phone Charger for $5 Handsets start at $5 Headphones start at $5 Phone cases start at $5 School Back-Packs start at $10 And there are discounts if you buy multiple items!  

New Items!

Please look at all the new items in our Summer Sale Gallery! I-Phone Chargers are $5each but $18 per dozen Phone Carders are $5each but $18 per dozen Phone Cases are $5 each but $18 per dozen Boxer Briefs are $5 for a pack of 3  but $18 for a …

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New Low Prices!

Below is the list of retail prices — but you can get less for wholesale — please call the manager at 215-476-3795 for more information! Tank tops $5 per pack of 3 Button Down Shirts as low as $15 Shirts with Summer Designs as low as $25 Thermals tops as …

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